We are a record label based in both Prague and Berlin. Since 2014, we have curated site-specific, audiovisual events that have transformed into blissful and enchanting experiences.
We passionately distribute vibration on the dance floor while pressing mesmerizing music on records. Harmony Rec. is a community of like-minded individuals that collectively share the same creative spirit.


Alfred Czital

Alfred Czital is a distinctive artist who combines his own melodic, yet energetic twists. Playing in several nightclubs and music festivals worldwide.

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A well-established DJ for over a decade and continues to gain popularity while securing his place in the electronic music scene in various cities like Berlin, Tel-Aviv, London, and Prague.

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He is one of the first international members of Harmony Rec. His earnest soul and broad-minded personality mirrors his funky sets, and he captivates partygoers at any given time.

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Polygonia transcends her musical tastes without any limits. Her gift for reading the crowd allows her to play wide ranges of electronic music while guiding listeners through a euphoric passage.

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A diverse and well-balanced DJ ranging from ambient to uplifting techno beats. He offers an array of music in his mixes that also pay homage to his friends and idols alike.

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Whether he’s DJing or performing live, each set is a winding river of emotions transcribed into music, a walk-through of Shoal’s experiences and the places he has been to.

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Yan is one of Prague's busiest DJs. He is a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene as he plays in different clubs and music festivals around the world.

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Latest releases


Alfred's visit to Viktor's hometown of Utrecht resulted in the creation of a new EP in which rhythm and colour meet.

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Whispering Thru The Mask

Trevor Linde showcases three undeniable techno compositions characterized by their distinct rigidity and captivating percussive elements.

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X pt. 1 & pt. 2

Celebrating our eighth birthday with a double EP compilation involving all the artists of the label.

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