With Alfred Czital, life imitates art with his upbeat, unconventional, and bohemian lifestyle that reflects his mixing methods. He is one of the label’s co-founders and is a true representative of Harmony Rec.

Alfred is a distinctive artist who combines his own melodic, yet energetic twists. With his funky beats and groovy sounds, he creates a captivating flow that magnets people to the dancefloor taking them on a musical journey to both the future and the past.

Playing in several nightclubs and music festivals worldwide, he is a fast-growing name in the electronic music scene.


︎ Anthroposcene [LOST001]
︎ Ataxie [ORGANICA002]
︎ Ofrenda (Alfred Czital Midnight Edit) [HARMONY006]
︎ Arroyo [OSC004]
︎ Reality Check [HARMONY008] LP


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