Originally from Israel, Biri has been a well-established DJ for over a decade and continues to gain popularity while securing his place in the electronic music scene in various cities like Berlin, Tel-Aviv, London, and Prague.

We welcomed him to our family in 2021 and has since been a prominent member of the team. Having started as the second half of the duo, Deep'a & Biri, he progressed onto a solo career playing alongside iconic artists and renowned venues globally.

He is able to play a diverse range of electronic music, from hypnotic and dreamy ambient to soulful and energetic techno. As a crowd favorite, he secures favorable slots and always knows how to please the public.


︎ The Void [BCCOVA02] VA
︎ Process is Forever [COUNTER015] EP
︎ Untitled Drift [NWHITE006] EP
︎ Metaphysics [PLTM016] EP w/ Rhythm Assembler


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