About us

A friendship between us, the founding members, was born much earlier before we knew that we would share a very similar taste for music one day. After that day we started visiting a whole lot of parties, sleeplessly dig into the depths of music and were sharing impressions from experiences which were very new to us. In the year 2014, we decided to throw the first Harmony. An event, where our friends don't need to be afraid of usual Friday night's threats. Space that we could customize by ourselves and set our own rules. This customization concerns not only but especially the atmosphere adjustment. And via this paragraph, we would like to express a never-ending thanks to the guys of Gojo and XYZ project, who are always taking care of the visual aspects and never failed to surprise both the visitors and us.

However, who we owe the most, are our dear friends, the biggest fans, both the old ones and the new ones. Thanks to their huge support, our party series received a stamp of a family-like celebration, which seems to be the most valuable feature of our parties. The label Harmony Rec. was something that grew up on our shoulders by itself in May 2017. It feels like a natural extension of what we were doing before – without a doubt brought some extra dynamics into the collective, but the philosophy remains the same. We hope that the power of the internet and vinyl distribution will help us connect with likeminded souls behind the borders of our city, country, continent and anchor the spirit of Harmony to every individual.

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